UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


IGP launches new Master’s programme to tackle the climate and ecological emergency

23 November 2022

The Prosperity, People and Planet MSc equips the next generation of change-makers with the knowledge and skills to create sustainable prosperity for humanity and the rest of nature

Bridge in the rainforest in Costa Rica

We have a unique moment in history to fundamentally re-frame human values and replace old distinctions between society and nature, life and resource, value and profit with new ideas of connectedness, complexity, regeneration, shared values and justice.  

That’s why we’re launching the Prosperity, People and Planet MSc at the Institute for Global Prosperity for 2023/24. 

At the core of the degree is the idea of natural prosperity - based on the premise that a well-functioning, healthy natural world lies at the heart of global and local prosperity, inclusive economies and societies. Natural prosperity offers a new, integrative means of studying well-being economies and healthy social foundations while respecting planetary ecological boundaries. This approach is based on integrative systems thinking and modelling the world around us.  

Students will learn how to enact transformational, systems-level change through collaborative, multi-stakeholder, and multi-scalar partnerships, gaining the knowledge and skills to build a better future for both people and planet. 

The new programme will be led by Ida Kubiszewski (Associate Professor in Global Prosperity) who says:  

The Prosperity, People and Planet programme will provide students with a new way of looking at the world. It takes an integrated whole-system perspective on global environmental (planet), social (people), and economic (prosperity) problems, but with a focus on the solutions. Students will come away with an understanding of both how the world works and how to make it a better place  

Robert Costanza, (Professor of Ecological Economics) a global pioneer in the field of Ecological Economics will teach on the programme and says: 

We cannot deal with climate change as a problem that is solvable without transforming our economies and societies to ones with a new vision of prosperity and sustainable wellbeing 

Come and join a community dedicated to improving quality of life for this and future generations. See full details of the programme and apply on the UCL Prospectus pages.