UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


IGP celebrates major funding successes

6 July 2022

The Institute for Global Prosperity is pleased to announce it has recently been successful in receiving a number of large research grants

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Dr Christopher HarperESRC Research Grant (£676K) – Financial inclusion and prosperity in Palestine. 
This research grant will explore how current processes of financial inclusion can be transformed to create inclusive prosperity that reflects community priorities. Co-producing findings with community researchers, the project will examine the relationship between financial inclusion and prosperity in Palestine, where financial inclusion can be studied in 'real time’.Dr Saffron Woodcraft (Part of the team led by Professor Lasana Harris, UCL)Nuffield Foundation (£120,397) – Using administrative data to understand community well–beingThis research will explore whether administrative data about behaviour, already gathered by local authorities, can be ethically used as a means of gaining additional insight into community well-being. IGP is one of six interdisciplinary project teams, grant funded by the BA/Nuffield Understanding Communities programmeProfessor Jacqueline McGlade UK Government’s NEIRF (Natural Environment Innovation Readiness) Fund (£98K) – Essex Net Zero Innovation Futures.Working with Essex City Council and partners on natural capital valuation, this research will explore the value of the environmental services across 30,000 hectares of Essex. It aims to generate the business case for Biodiversity Net Gain, carbon sequestration, and flood risk management based on 4 pilot projects. The full list of NEIRF funded projects can be found on the UK Gov website.