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IGP releases National Contributions report on reforming tax for the 21st century

20 January 2022

The report calls for the modernisation of the UK’s tax system to fund levelling-up and Net Zero without relying on taxes on wages.

Tax reform

The IGP recently released an exciting new report showing how the UK can meet the challenges of Levelling Up and Net Zero without taking more from the wage packets of workers – who will anyway see large increases in their cost of living this year. 

The National Contributions report includes detailed modelling of the effects of tax reforms that the government’s own advisor, the Office of Tax Simplification, has recommended. 

Combining IGP's proposal for Universal Basic Services with common sense tax reforms demonstrates the practical route to prosperity that the IGP advocates. In these urgent times, there are many who suggest a small tweak here or adjustment there, and others who advocate for revolutionary changes to the system. What marks out the work of the IGP is a firm eye on the practical, achievable changes that will make a serious difference. 

National Contributions are what a tax system would look like if you wanted a modern and fair way to fund a prosperous society. Everyone and all incomes are treated equally. By anchoring the rates to average earnings National Contributions automatically lower the taxes of anyone left behind as others progress.

Read the report on Seriously Different - By Andrew Percy, with economic modelling by Howard Reed

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels