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Sustainable Energy Access for Communities: Free Online Course

22 April 2021

On 3 May 2021 the RELIEF Centre education team will launch a free online course on sustainable energy access for communities

sustainable energy

Learn the techniques to help communities move towards a renewable energy future and apply them to make changes in your community.

Access to energy is vital to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we can achieve this through environmentally sustainable solutions. To do this, we need to identify the right technological solutions, but that is not all. This course will help you think through the multi-faceted dimensions to renewable energy – technology, behaviour change, economics and community dynamics. You will consider alternative energy futures that may be on or off grid, and include solar P.V, wind, hydro, bio gas and even bio electricity. You will explore the many and varied solutions and consider the ways energy access can impact wider community prosperity. As someone who wants to make a change in your community, we will show you some innovative suggestions for community engagement.

The course is a social learning process – you watch short videos, try the activities, join the discussion, and exchange ideas with other participants. You can use your computer or mobile device for all course activities. So please join us, and find out how to make your mark on creating renewable energy solutions in your own context.


Who is this course for? If you are an aspiring community activist, leader or influencer in renewable energy transitions, or a professional working in a renewable energy social enterprise, NGO, or local or national government, this course is designed for you. 

Who designed it? Energy academics who do research at three universities, University College London (UCL), Loughborough University, and the University of Technology Sydney. 

What will I gain from completing the course? You will have exchanged experiences, ideas, and solutions with other experienced professionals from a wide range of different countries The course is a social learning process – you watch short videos, try the activities, join the discussion, and exchange ideas with other participants. 

Who is the course endorsed by UCL, American University of Beirut, Lebanese American University and Centre for Lebanese Studies? 

How many hours do I need to invest per week? 3-4 hours per week. 

Can I enroll after May 3rd? Yes, at any time until 24th May, and you will be able to continue accessing it for 6 weeks after enrolment, no matter what you enroll.  

Is this course completely free? Yes for the Edraak course in Arabic. For the English course on FutureLearn you can study the whole course free, but there is a charge for upgrading, which provides you with a certificate, and unlimited access to the course and its activities. 

Will I be able to contact the course professors if I had any questions? You can ask questions of the Educators in the discussion which is attached to every step.

Is this course only for individuals in Lebanon? No, it is open to participants from almost every country in the world.  


Sign up at FutureLearn (English)

Sign up at Edraak (Arabic)