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'Engineering a sensible smart city' - IGP Director Professor Henrietta Moore writes for The Engineer

21 September 2019

'Our current vision of "smart cities" too often focuses on adding technologies that don't necessarily make cities better places to live.' - IGP Director Professor Henrietta Moore writes for The Engineer, following this year's Global Grand Challenges Summit, organised with RAEng


"At the moment, when we think about the cities of the future, we often talk about "smart cities'. For some, this can conjure images of drones in the sky, or self-driving taxis. However, these already familiar scenes are more "technological" than "smart". Smart cities are cities that are genuinely better places to live. They are cities that are built upon a foundation of sustainable prosperity that actually improves the quality of life for all and their experience of urban living."

 - Read the article, Engineering a sensible smart city, in full here.

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