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IGP's Entrepreneur-in-Residence Arthur Kay speaks to the Evening Standard about transformative tech

6 October 2019

Arthur Kay, the Institute for Global Prosperity's Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Co-Founder of Fast Forward 2030, is interviewed by London's Evening Standard about his sustainable tech ideas.


'"There's no such thing as waste,' he declares. And he should know: when he was still a student at UCL, Kay had the big idea of turning used coffee grounds into fuel, and fouded Bio-bean with some initial funding from Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London. 

By the time he was 27, Kay had built the world's first coffee waste recycling factory, converting 50,000 tons of waste cofee grounds each year into sustainable fuel, including the grounds from the coffees we are both currently drinking.'

'He founded Skyroom in 2018, with the plan to unlock London's disused rooftops and rent them out to key wokrers. In his role as entrepreneur-in-residence at the [Institute for Global Prosperity], Kay's can-do attitude is also inspiring the next generation of start ups."

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