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IGP's David Bent is invited to give a lecture for East London-based charity Community Links

28 January 2019

David Bent of the IGP is invited to give a lecture about artificial intelligence and the digital revolution for Community Links in East London


"Our Digital Future: Getting Ready for Everything"

David Bent, Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Global Prosperity, has been invited to give a lecture for Community Links, a community charity rooted in East London, providing support and opportunities to thousands of people every year. Community Links is a member of the Institute for Global Prosperity's London Prosperity Board. Full details of the event are below:

Date: 7 February 2019

Time: 5.45pm - 8.15pm

Place: Community Links, 105 Barking Road, London, E16 4HQ

Directions: Canning Town Tube (Jubilee Line) - 5 mins walk along the Barking Road

Refreshments: Drinks preceding the lecture and a hot meal following the lecture

RSVP: By 28 January to Mohammed Motin (mohammed.motin@community-links.org

The title of David's lecture is: Our Digital Future: Getting Ready for Everything. It will explore our past, present and future. David will ask: What from our past is ending and why is today's status quo struggling? What might our daily lives be like in an ever-more digital world? How can we be able to flourish, individually and collectively, in a time of profound change? He will aim to be unflinching of the risks we face, while inspiring and throught-provoking on how we can act.

Ready for Everything Communities

This lecture forms part of the digital capability programmes organised by Community Links that explore community inclusion in the digital environment. These programmes are developed out of its strand of work focussing on "Ready for Everything Commnunities": groups of people who support each other to overcome problems, prevent them from occurring again and help each other to thrive and achieve their goals. It is also ties in with the work Community Links does with public services, Higher Education Institutions and Further Education Colleges, on creating labour forces of the future. 

David Bent

David Bent is an Honorary Research Associate at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity and an Associste Fellow of the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge. Until 2016 he worked at Forum for the Future, an independent non-profit working globally to solve complex sustainability challenges, most recently as Director of Sustainable Business. He has advised dozens of companies in the UK, USA and India on how they can be more successful by creating a sustainable future. David is now working with various institutions that are shaping economic transformation, including with a global programme on 'industrial strategies for global prosperity' and a London coalition on secure livelihoods in a time of digital revolution. He also advises the Internet Commission on shaping the digital revolution.