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IGP Director Prof. Henrietta Moore writes about Universal Basic Services for The National

19 February 2019

IGP Founder and Director Professor Henrietta Moore writes about the benefits and impact of offering free and improved public services to all through the lens of Universal Basic Services - a proposal created by the Institute for Global Prosperity's Social Prosperity Network


"Our model includes providing free accommodation via a big expansion of public housing, free public transport, provision of broadband and smartphones (in recognition of the critical importance of digital technologies in the modern world) and free food to tackle the undernourishment that some people - even in a wealthy country like the UK - still face.

We believe this could have a transformative effect on society and the economy, by equipping people with the essential building blocks they need as the foundation for a prosperous life. Focusing on a more comprehensive provision of services rather than giving cash handouts also means there remains a strong incentive on citizens to work."

Read the article in full here.