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Distinguished cultural theorist Rosi Braidotti joins the IGP as visiting researcher

18 September 2017

We're delighted to welcome Professor Braidotti as Senior Visiting Research Associate to UCL


We are delighted to announce that Professor Rosi Braidotti has joined the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity as a Visiting Senior Research Associate. Professor Braidotti is a distinguished contemporary philosopher and feminist theoretician. She is renowned for her thinking on feminism, subjectivity, and ethics in a post-anthropological world.  

"I see my time at IGP/UCL as a unique opportunity to engage in scholarly exchanges with top specialists and many cherished colleagues. I hope to spend a few quiet hours in the research library, as well as holding seminars and lectures.

What attracted me especially to the IGP is the combination of academic excellence with a profound commitment to being active at the level of public debates, policy advice and citizens' participation. Ultimately, it comes down to a sense of ethical accountability for the effects that ideas and research outcomes have upon the world. There is no academic excellence without at least some sense of social responsibility"

Professor Rosi Braidotti

Professor Braidotti will be leading several activities while she is at UCL, details of which can be found below.

Keynote Address

Professor Braidotti will be delivering the keynote address at the Planetary Poetics Workshop on the 21st September. This is a public event, open to all. A full description can be found on the Institute of Advanced Studies website. This lecture explores the re-compositions of a vulnerable sense of pan-humanity  (‘WE’) in the context of Anthropocenic climate change discussion (‘this’). It will focus on three main considerations: firstly the convergences around the posthuman turn and the shifting  understandings of ‘the human’ in contemporary scholarship.  Secondly the complex and internally contradictory effects of economic globalization as bio-political, information-driven system, that capitalizes on all that lives. Thirdly, the necro-political governmentality, that instils managed devastation and extinction, through wars and conflicts and the new forms of discrimination they engender on a planetary scale. The lecture explores different notions of planetary subjectivity and assesses their ethical and political implications. 

 If you are interested, please register on Eventbrite.


Professor Braidotti will lead a workshop series on the themes of COSMOS – AFFECT – POLIS. It will consist of four sessions: three will be small reading groups and the final session will take a public format and be open to all. More information can be found on the Institute of Advanced Studies website.

The dates for the series are as follows:
27th September 2017 4-6pm – Cosmos
18th October 2017 4-6pm - Affect
15th November 2017 4-6pm – Polis      
17th November 2017 6-8pm – Summative Panel, open to public
In order to register for these please liaise with Jennifer Shearman:

E-mail: j.shearman@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44(0)20 7679 2037
If you wish to attend the seminar series it is desirable that you are able to commit to the whole series and that you are able to do the preparatory reading.