UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


London Prosperity Board

28 January 2017

The London Prosperity Board (LPB) is a partnership between the IGP, government, businesses and communities.

A place beyond belief

Its purpose is to rethink what prosperity means for people living and working in London, and to test innovative new ways of creating sustainable and inclusive prosperity for London’s neighbourhoods. 

The LPB is chaired by the Director of the IGP, Professor Henrietta Moore, and is coordinated by Saffron Woodcraft. Members include community group Aston-Mansfield, the Greater London Authority, the Borough Councils of Newham and Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Barking & Dagenham, and the London Legacy Development Corporation.

The Board brings together experts in the field of prosperity and well-being measurement, including the Social Progress Imperative, the New Economics Foundation, ONS and the Legatum Institute.

The Board will build on the work of an IGP research project, Prosperity in East London, and will investigate new ways of thinking about prosperity, value and inclusion; recognising that prosperity is about equitable futures, the health of society, inclusive models of development, civil liberties and active citizens, as well as wealth creation and economic security.