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Henrietta Moore presents season two of BBC World Service programme My Perfect Country

2 February 2017

Season two of My Perfect Country, now BBC World Service's most downloaded show, is a success


My Perfect Country is a BBC World Service radio show co-presented by Henrietta Moore, and co-produced by the Institute for Global Prosperity. The show explores policies from around the world which take a fresh approach towards solving problems, and discussed whether they could work elsewhere, and if the policy would make it in the 'Perfect Country'. 

Part of the purpose of the show from the IGP's perspective is to popularise the thinking behind the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To solve the massive problems we face in the 21st century, there needs to be a reconsideration of 'business-as-usual' ways of doing things which often prioritises narrow economic growth over prosperity. Due to the popularity of the show, and the hunger from listeners to learn more about changemaking, the IGP produced MakingPerfectCountry.org, which explores different ways people are changing the world.

You can listen to previous episodes here: 

Season one:

Season two:

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