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Electives available on MSc in Global Prosperity

19 September 2016

(Un)Urban, Journalista

Postgraduate students at UCL can now take electives from the new MSc in Global Prosperity.

The modules on the MSc in Global Prosperity are designed to give students the theoretical and practical tools to transform how we conceptualise and deliver sustainable and global prosperity. They are delivered by leading academics at UCL and guest lecturers.

Please see the list below for more information on each elective module. To find out more about the programme, including news on visiting lecturers, visit the Future of Prosperity Blog.

If you would like to take an elective from the MSc in Global Prosperity or if you have any questions, please contact Dr Tuukka Toivonen [t.toivonen@ucl.ac.uk], and cc' in Julia Oertli [julia.oertli@ucl.ac.uk].


  • Pathways to Prosperity 1: Global Legacies (Term 1) will critically explore the evolution of today’s unsustainable economic cultures. You’ll develop an understanding of the ideological and systemic roots of current-day economic, social and environmental dilemmas.
  • Pathways to Prosperity 2: Global Futures (Term 2) uses a selection of case studies from the Global South and North as a ‘vocabulary of solutions’ to the challenges posed in Pathways to Prosperity 1. It emphasises innovative pathways to prosperity and maps what the world might be like in 2030.
  • Methods 1: Measuring Global Prosperity (Term 1) introduces a range of core research skills, including anthropological approaches, survey approaches and existing measures of economic evaluation.
  • Methods 2: Problem-solving for Global Prosperity (Term 2) focuses on methods of collective problem-solving and innovation, including open innovation, citizen science and Theory U.
  • Option (Term 2, Mondays, 2-4pm): Global Prosperity & Transformative Entrepreneurship introduces students to entrepreneurship, including social, environmental and alternative tech. Students will design blueprints for transformative entrepreneurial initiatives and compare different funding strategies.

Schedule (Term 1)

Mondays 11-13  Global Legacies: Pathways to Prosperity I

Mondays 16-17:30 Professional Skills & Resilience Workshops (biweekly)

Thursdays 10:30-12:30 Measuring Global Prosperity

Thursdays 13-14 Soundbites with visiting practitioners and scholars (biweekly)

Thursdays 16-18 Director's Seminars with visiting thinkers (biweekly)