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(Un)Urban: investigating green spaces in East London

16 February 2016

Ana Bleahu, Hackney Wick, Global Citizenship

Registration for the UCL Global Citizenship summer school (31 May to 10 June) opens Friday 19th February. Go to the Global Citizenship page to register from 19 February.

Every year, UCL runs the Global Citizenship programme – a voluntary summer school programme for its students – which aims to stimulate ideas on what it means to be a global citizen through inter-disciplinary research and practice-based learning.

IGP will deliver a strand of the Global Citizenship programme on the theme of wellbeing in urban contexts, focusing on access to and use of natural space. The strand – (Un)Urban: Investigating green spaces in East London – invites students to address this challenge over a fortnight by engaging with East London actors, whose organisations or individual practices address local people’s wellbeing through diverse means.

Panels will explore the theories of wellbeing, diversity, and green urbanism, and afternoon skills training sessions will equip participants with human-centred design, rapid prototyping and qualitative research tools. We will map different local and national actors, and explore the how to work within and between different scales. In the second week, we will immerse ourselves in East London locations and gather data, with the assistance of local actors.

We will deliver design concepts that truly enhance the wellbeing of residents living in super-diverse areas, and draw upon green space as a resource. Participants will be asked to contribute to a poster, and a published e-book.

You can find out more about the strand on the UCL Global Citizenship website.

While the (Un)Urban strand is only available to 1st and 2nd year undergraduates, final year undergraduates and postgraduate students can apply for the Pathways strands.

Image credit: Ana Bleahu