UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Professor Moore Announces the IGP Challenge 2015

3 February 2015

Professor Henrietta Moore has announced the Institute for Global Prosperity Challenge 2015, which gives UCL researchers the opportunity to shape Greater London and to win £1,000.

The competition, which opened 16 October and closes 2 February, invites research teams to progress a vision for Greater London that has been proposed by Dabiel Raven-Ellison. Daniel's idea is to turn Greater London into a unique type of national park: a National Park City. The National Park City is an urban habitat, where wildlife, the built environment and cultural heritage are valued equally.

The team of researchers who find evidence for the benefits of the national park and come up with an innovative means of organising, structuring and funding the park will be invited to co-author a report with the Institute for Global Prosperity and the Greater London National Park inititive.

For information on eligibility and how to apply, visit the Institute for Global Prosperity Challenge webpage.