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Henrietta Moore: What should the UK do about foreign aid?

21 April 2015

Shopping for supplies with food vouchers, DFID

Image credit: DFID

As the UK Government nears the passing of a bill to ringfence 0.7% of the UK’s gross national income for foreign aid, the questions about its use and its effectiveness in bringing about an end to poverty are inevitably brought to the fore.

The altruism of the UK Government, who will be the first nation in the G7 to honour a financial commitment asked for in 1970, is brought into doubt by suggestions of aid money being used to exercise ‘soft power’ over developing nations.

Professor Henrietta Moore brings to bear some of the surprising uses of aid money, including being used as financial incentives for major supermarkets to buy in African produce, in order to bring about a fair and intelligent debate on this contentious issue.

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