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Henrietta Moore: Scandinavia is not the model for global prosperity

21 April 2015

Lars Kristian Flem

According to major wellbeing and prosperity indexes, Scandinavian countries are thriving, prosperous societies with low inequality. One might be tempted to ask why the rest of the world is not emulating their models?

In an article for the Guardian, Professor Henrietta Moore reframes the question. She asks: ‘Should we all be aiming to be Norway? Indeed, is that goal even desirable?‘

Prof. Moore presents an alternative narrative for Scandinavia, which tells a very different story from that usually put forth. She touches on issues of sustainability and over-reliance on non-renewable energy sources, and highlights their carbon impact. The unique nature of the Scandinavian nations as small, homogenous populations is cited as another reason not to emulate their model.

Prof. Moore implicitly calls for a more holistic and balanced attitude to models for prosperity.

To read the full article, visit the Guardian Sustainable Business page.

Image credit: Lars Kristian Flem