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Henrietta Moore debates the relevance of ‘development’ on the BBC

21 April 2015

Francis Ato Brown, World Bank

In a lecture delivered as part of the BBC World Service’s ‘A Richer World’ season, Professor Henrietta Moore argued that the top-down model of development is outdated. The 21st century, its particularities and peculiarities, requires a new set of ideas about how to improve others’ lives.

Prof. Moore’s lecture was delivered at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government. It will be broadcast on BBC World Service on Saturday 7th March at 19.06 and will be repeated on Sunday 8th March 12.06 GMT.

The lecture will then be broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Analysis on Monday 9th March at 20.30.

To access the broadcast visit the BBC Radio 4 Analysis page.

Image credit: Francis Ato Brown, World Bank