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Greater London National Park City conference supports green initiative

21 April 2015


The Reimagine London conference held at the Southbank Centre last week saw planning practitioners, campaigners, academics and politicians gather to show their support and share their ideas for what a Greater London National Park would look like and how it would work.

Attendees and speakers included Sir Terry Farrell CBE, Judy Ling Wong CBE and Chief Executive of the John Muir Trust Stuart Brooks.

The idea of making London the first National Park City has gathered momentum since it was first conceived by National Geographic explorer and Geography teacher Daniel Raven-Ellison last year. Daniel’s vision features London as a biodiverse landscape boasting enough substantial natural resources and cultural capital to be worthy of a new title: a National Park City.

The point of the National Park City, is seems, is to inspire innovation. The campaigners know that, free of any precedent, the Greater London National Park initiative can define a National Park City, what it aims to achieve and how it achieves its aims. Its foundation is people power. UK Director of the Black Environment Network Judy Ling Wong said: ‘The Greater London National Park goes beyond pure natural conservation to social wellbeing. It has enabled us to reach into our hearts to realise the possibility.’

To learn more about the Greater London National Park City initiative, visit the Greater London National Park* website.

Image credit: Ana Bleahu, IGP