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My Perfect Country

Exploring policies, technologies and innovations that achieve inclusive and sustainable prosperity.

My Perfect Country is a modern and collaborative new radio series for the BBC World Service that aims to build the perfect country.

Internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox, award-winning presenter Fi Glover and IGP Director Professor Henrietta Moore examine the innovations that seem to have achieved inclusive and sustainable prosperity in different parts of the world. The series asks why and how they work, and whether they can work elsewhere.

The IGP partners with BBC World Service and independent radio producers Whistledown, providing programme research and data analysis for the series and the accompanying online resource.

The first series features Estonia’s digital strategy, new drug laws in Portugal and Costa Rica’s approach to renewable energy. Listen now on the BBC World Service website.

Fi Glover says, “I am thrilled that Henrietta Moore, and the IGP, are part of our new radio adventure. My Perfect Country's aim is to bring the people and the ideas behind successful policies to the WS's huge audience and yes, we really are going to try and bolt together a perfect country. We'll then consider the question, would you and I like to live in it?”

My Perfect Country is an opportunity for UCL researchers to engage in a conversation about building an inclusive and sustainable future: the hoped-for outcome of the Sustainable Development Goals, due to be completed by 2030. If you’re a member of research staff or a postgraduate research student at UCL, and are interested in contributing ideas for the following countries and topics, please send an EOI to Hannah Sender.

You can contact David Prest, Managing Director of Whistledown Productions at: davidprest@whistledown.net

Image credit: David Hoffmann, Lensational