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Art for All: promoting belonging and equity through art in the digital age

12 October 2023, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Young people at a protest holding a megaphone

Join us for a Soundbite with Lindsay O'Leary, Head of Digital at Tate.

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UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Denys Holland Lecture Theatre, SB31
Bentham House
Endsleigh Gardens

About this event

Art can convey complex ideas and emotions, transcending language and cultural barriers. As digital spaces bring together people from different geographic locations, cultural backgrounds, and social identities, the need for mechanisms to foster unity and equity grows in urgency. Art offers a unique avenue to address this need, catalysing dialogue, empathy, respect, and understanding.

Thorough democratisation of art through online platforms empowers individuals from all corners of the earth to share, make, and engage with creative content. This accessibility is crucial in promoting equity, as it provides a means for underrepresented communities to express their experiences, advocate for social change, and challenge established hierarchies. Art has the potential to transform online spaces into vibrant hubs of inclusivity and activism where people can see themselves represented and celebrated.

About the speaker

As Head of Digital at Tate, Lindsay O'Leary supervises creation and delivery of digital content for the museum's website and galleries. Films, podcasts, and social media from her creative content team bring Tate's collection and programming to life for online visitors. At work, Lindsay champions equity and belonging as a means of advancing inclusion and antiracism there; she likewise campaigns for fairer representation in Tate's public-facing published content and commissions.

Previously, in the USA, Lindsay led the creation of the first interactive digital museum archive at the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, then a full redesign of the website for Carlow University as its Director of Web Communications.


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About this event series

Cultural Spaces for Democratic Participation, Political Expression and Shared Prosperity

This Director’s Seminars and Soundbites series explores how citizens mobilize new physical and digital channels of political participation, and what can be done to create and adapt these cultural spaces so as they make positive impact on democratic life in the 21st Century.

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