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Fast Forward 2030 Event: Innovations for Healthier and Happier Lives

29 January 2019, 7:00 pm–9:00 pm

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Our next Fast Forward 2030 event will be around "Innovations for Healthier and Happier Lives" on Tuesday 29th January 2019

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Pritika Kasliwal


Second Home Spitalfields
68 Hanbury Street
E1 5JL

Fast Forward 2030: Innovations for Healthier and Happier Lives

Eveny other month at Second Home Spitalfieds, we bring together entrepreneurs - both aspiring and established - investors, sustainability professionals, students, and academics to consider the role entrepreneurs play in meeting different elements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

This January, we are focusing on SDG 3 which calls on us to "ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages".

Ensuring a prosperous future - and reaching economic, environmental and social goals - depends on having a thiving and healthy human population. Yet, the combined pressures of urbanisation, the changing nature of work and air pollution are jeopardising our long-term ability to flourish. 

In this event, we ask what can entrepreneurs do to transform our work and living conditions for healthier and happier lives? 

Guest Speakers

  • Hamish of Thriva - Thriva - Thriva aims to build the world's first preventative health service. They use at-home blood testing to empower millions of people with simple and affordable tools to understand and track their own health data.
  • Sophie of Airlabs - 92% of the world's population are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution. Airlabs designs citywide systems to create clean air zones in polluted urban areas to improve the quality of life for all citizens. 
  • Chris of OurPath - 2 in 3 of us will die from a disease that we could have prevented ourselves. OurPath is a digital programme that helps people change their habits to lead a healthier life, free of chronic conditions.

Your ticket includes:

  • A great talk and Q&A session from our guest speakers
  • Networking and chatting with speakers, and the board members of Fast Forward 2030
  • Free ethical and sustainably sourced drinks and canapes from Elysia Catering and Toast Ale

Why the SDGs need entrepreneurs

A better world depends upon our ability to generate new ideas and build new systems that can better channel human, social and financial efforts towards the SDGs. Entrepreneurs are essential to this. They are key to creating the innovations and partnerships that will enable us to go beyond and reach the SDGs with the resources we have. In order to do this, entrepreneurs need ecosystems that allow knowledge, resources and information to be shared among the different groups that are addressing the goals. Fast Forward 2030, one of the Institute for Global Prosperity's Knowledge Networks, builds the structure we need to progress.