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Ethiopia Control of Bovine Tuberculosis Strategies

The Ethiopia Control of Bovine Tuberculosis Strategies (Ethicobots) project aims to tackle Bovine tuberculosis (BTB) in Ethiopia, both directly and by addressing its broader consequences.

Ethiopia Control of Bovine Tuberculosis Strategies

Project Update: Bartlett  100 

Ethiopia has the largest livestock population in Africa and an increasing BTB burden. There are major implications for those who work with and live alongside infected cattle and rely on cattle products for their livelihoods.

Ethicobots is a £2.9m multidisciplinary research programme funded by the Zoonoses & Emerging Livestock Systems research initiative. It combines partners in UK and Ethiopian institutions, including veterinary scientists, epidemiologists, geneticists, immunologists and social scientists.

The IGP input relates to how information about the disease can be communicated between farmers and other stakeholders to better understand patterns, providing farmers and communities themselves with the tools and knowledge to identify, report and deal with outbreaks. Integral to both research threads will be the involvement of citizen scientists recruited from the local communities.

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