UCL Institute for Global Prosperity


Dr Mara Torres Pinedo


Research Summary

Mara Torres Pinedo's research looks at institutional networks as influences on differential vulnerability to disaster risk with an intersectional lens. Her research is interdisciplinary in nature and engages with mixed methods to develop a more holistic understanding, which could help elucidate pathways for more inclusive risk management systems. Her PhD research focused on understanding network governance in disaster risk management (DRM) of urban centres. Specifically, she scrutinised the design and implementation of disaster risk governance networks in Mexico City to identify the effects of the DRM regime on vulnerability dynamics. Furthermore, her thesis explored the connections with relational inequalities that may produce new or reinforce old vulnerability dynamics and their connection with intersectional identities. Mara's research is concerned with broader questions on urban inequalities and governance in the global south. 

Mara has lectured and across all programs at IGP, as well as on the BA of Arts and Sciences (Urban Inequalities and Global Development) and BA Geography (Human Ecology and Urban Political Ecology) at UCL.  

Mara holds an MSc in Risk, Disaster and Resilience from UCL, a Graduate Diploma on Project Management and a BA in International Relations from ITESO (Mexico). Beyond academia, Mara has over 8 years of experience working on international development practice, human rights, human security, participatory planning and open government in her natal Mexico, the US and Central America.