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Postgraduate research stories

Thinking about starting an MPhil/PhD with us? Find out about our past student’s experiences studying with us and some of the impact MPhil/PhD research that has taken place at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage.

Student spotlights

We caught up with MPhil/PhD students to discuss their research and what life is like as a MPhil/PhD student. This selection captures a slice of the broad range of MPhil/PhD research being undertaken at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage. To find out more about our current postgraduate researchers see our MPhil/PhD student directory.

Photo of a person writing at a desk

Ari Volanakis - Addressing the deficiency of an organisational knowledge management strategy for cultural heritage organisations
In this PhD spotlight, Ari talks about his PhD research, and potential impact, developing as a researcher and his range of experience in the sector.
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Photo of Danae Phaedra Pocobelli

Danae Phaedra Pocobelli - Building Information Models for heritage buildings 
In this PhD spotlight, Danae talks about her PhD research on Building Information Models for heritage buildings, the importance of a sense of community when completing a PhD and how the knowledge she acquired in her PhD is helping her in her new role as a Lecturer.  
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Photo of Dimitra Kizlari


Dimitra Kizlari - Foreign Cultural Policy through the work of the Cultural Institutes
Dimitra shares the challenges and successes she encountered whilst working on her PhD about Foreign Cultural Policy through the work of the Cultural Institutes as well as her pathway to deciding on this topic. 
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Photo of Cecilia Bembibre

Cecilia Bembibre – Smell of Heritage
Cecilia Bembibre discusses her PhD research olfactory heritage, or the ‘Smell of Heritage’, which has gained international media attentionafter moving from a career in journalism to academia. 
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Research with impact

Our MPhil/PhD students are creating impact with their research, publishing work on their novel methodologies and findings to shape the heritage sector and impact

Photo of ISH PhD students and Josep Grau-Bove testing environmental conditions for the exhibition

PhD fieldwork at Hellens Manor advises on embroidery exhibition conditions

Following 10-year tradition UCL ISH PhD students have undertaken fieldwork at Hellens Manor in Herefordshire, this year advising on the exhibition conditions for a new 9.5m long embroidery created by volunteers to tell the 1000-year story of Hellens.

Holiday snap shows an adult and child at a stone heritage site in Scotland

How holiday photos can help monitor heritage sites

Led by PhD student Rosie Brigham, Monument Monitor is a project in collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland, using visitors’ photographs to assist with heritage management.

Four reel films lying on white table

Films deteriorating faster than conservation guidelines suggest, PhD research finds

PhD student Ida Ahmad's research found action is needed to preserve the content of archived films, decades or even centuries sooner than anticipated as research finds conservation guidelines for film storage inaccurate.

Natalie Brown's research

Survey assesses deterioration and conservation of paper collections in historical Italian library

Natalie Brown, contributes to non-destructive survey of large historical book collection at the Classense Library, Italy.