UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage


About us

UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage trains future managers, curators and conservators of sustainable heritage, and researchers whose work leads to innovative, sustainable, conservation solutions.

UCL ISH has led the advance and recognition of the value of cultural heritage, in the UK and beyond. We have put the discipline on the map by:

  • working collaboratively with partners in industry, heritage and policy, as well as across UCL and at other universities
  • informing policy at UK and European level and helping to implement it, working with heritage organisations

Our cross-disciplinary research is at the centre of our achievements. The Smithsonian Institution has called it "world-leading". In 2010, with others, we were awarded the Europa Nostra Grand Prix for Research, the equivalent of an Oscar in the field of heritage science research.

By working with world-class partners, we engage with real-world heritage issues. Our work bridges science, arts and the humanities and our staff bring expertise from a wide range of fields.

UCL ISH attracts – and demands – a rich mix of people, backgrounds and disciplines to answer complex, searching questions. 

UCL ISH is part of the Complex Built Environment Systems group, which has received a historic total of three EPSRC Platform Grants, with the most recent being awarded in 2017. These prestigious awards of funding are given to what the EPSRC calls ‘well-established, world-leading research groups’ and have given the Institute a flexible foundation, allowing the creation of a long-term research strategy.’