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The Bartlett School of Environment Energy and Resources

The Bartlett School of Environment Energy and Resources is home to the Faculty’s Institutes that specialise in Energy, Environment, Resources and Heritage.

Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources is comprised of four institutes: UCL Energy Institute, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage and UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources.

The role of the school is to facilitate the Institutes and help them establish themselves and grow, enabling them to focus on and develop their academic direction and strategies.


Through our teaching and research The Bartlett School of Environment Energy and Resources (BSEER) addresses the complex global challenges of sustainability transition.

Our mission is to enable world-leading research with innovative and novel methodologies, and to educate the sustainability leaders of tomorrow. Our ambition is to assess risks, solve problems and develop appropriate mechanisms to maximize our impact.  

BSEER’s composition helps to deliver relevant Sustainable Development Goals on cities, climate change, energy, food, heritage, industry, infrastructures, natural resources and water, as well as the UK Industrial Strategy.

BSEER runs on a sustainable business model balancing teaching and research, partnerships and international collaborations across its four institutes. We are dedicated to inter- and transdisciplinary systems thinking spanning building physics, data analytics, economics, environmental research, heritage science, modelling, policy and governance, and more. 

Located at UCL, London’s global university, our working culture endorses equality, diversity, inclusion, skill development and promotion of staff.

How does BSEER work?

BSEER serves two principal functions. It provides a framework for administrative support to the four Institutes, combining expertise in, amongst other things, management and delivery of research proposals, multi-disciplinary projects and teaching programmes.

The School also provides a collaborative and flexible environment for the four Institutes to share knowledge and resources. Staff have the opportunity to move between disciplines and engage with the School’s shared problem domains of Energy, Environment, Resources and Heritage.

BSEER allows staff to participate more easily in multidisciplinary research to solve real-world problems, both at The Bartlett and in the wider UCL community.

BSEER by numbers

BSEER generates approximately £19Mill annually and employs some 165 staff. Its four institutes successfully run programmes for about 130 PhD students and 300 MSc, MRes and other students. The research project portfolio is approximately £46Mill. 

BSEER's Institutes

UCL Energy Institute
Energy Institute pink

UCL Energy blends expertise from across UCL to deliver world-leading learning, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security. 

UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE)
Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering green

UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering pursues a deeper understanding of the interactions between the built environment and health, human wellbeing, productivity, energy use and climate change.

UCL Insitute for Sustainable Heritage (ISH)
Institute for Sustainable Heritage blue

ISH delivers sustainable solutions to real world problems concerning cultural heritage, working with external partners on ground-breaking, cross-disciplinary research and innovative teaching for future heritage leaders.

UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (ISR)
Institute for Sustainable Resources blue

The ISR generates knowledge in the globally sustainable use of natural resources and brings together experts from across UCL to train future leaders of this field.

Director of School

Professor Raimund Bleischwitz
Director of School
Chair in Sustainable Global Resources
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Gael Anderson
Executive Assistant to Professor Raimund Bleischwitz
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