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The Global Tapestry: A Solidarity Collage Experience

28 February 2024, 1:00 pm–3:00 pm

The Global Tapestry: A Solidarity Collage Experience

Explore the essence of unity and empathy at our upcoming Forum event centred on human solidarity. Join us for an inspiring gathering where creativity intertwines with celebrating shared humanity. Come and be a part of this heartwarming event. Let the colours of collaboration and artistic expression paint a picture of the collective strength that arises when we embrace our shared humanity. We will provide all the essential materials for the collage, including canvas, adhesive, brushes, protective covers, scissors, paints, markers, and source.

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Hanadi Samhan


IAS Forum G17
Gower Street

The Collage workshop is designed to cultivate critical thinking and promote a more accurate, inclusive representation of global events. Our focus includes providing unfiltered nuance into the complexity of various situations, beyond conventional media narratives. We aim to depoliticize perspectives, reconnect with humanity, and build an artifact of meaningful resistance. Participants will engage in constructive collaging to create narratives that are both constructive and representative, while also deconstructing Western media bias to expose layers of bias within its narratives. The workshop will delve into the dichotomy between reality and deception in news stories, critically analyse emergent narratives, and explore the underlying links influencing perspectives. Shifting positionality and connecting conflicts will be key themes explored.

Following the workshop, we plan to organize an exhibition and are in the planning stages to publish a photo essay on the forum website or Bartlett digital platforms. This experience aims to empower participants with the skills to assert control over narrative agency and foster a more informed and nuanced understanding of global issues.

About the Speakers

Rana Zein

A PhD candidate at UCL Development Planning Unit. Rana is passionate about exploring various modalities of artistic expression as painting, collage-making, and pottery. Through these creative avenues, she engages in a journey of self-reflection and critically re-connects with cultural roots while navigating the complexities of contemporary society.

Said Mahathir

An Indonesian architect and urban planner currently pursuing his doctoral studies at the Development Planning Unit (DPU), UCL. He is a college art enthusiast who utilises the art form as a presentation method in many of his professional practices and academic works.