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Dr Rui Tang awarded by the International Journal of Building Simulation

15 November 2022

UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering researcher wins Best Research Paper Award for Building Simulation at the IJBS Awards 2021

Rui Tang News image

The awarded research paper is entitled ‘Impacts of technology-guided occupant behaviour on air-conditioning system control and building energy use’. Dr Rui Tang is the leading author of this paper, collaborating with two academics from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Prof Shengwei Wang and Mr Shaobo Sun. Rui's research interests mainly focus on building energy efficiency, grid-building interaction and demand-side management of energy systems using advanced modelling and machine learning techniques. Optimising the operation of thermal systems in buildings to maximise their energy savings needs the engagement of occupants in the system control loop. This paper investigated the energy-saving potentials of coordinating occupant behaviour with energy-efficient technologies through an experimental study conducted in a campus building. Building Simulation is an International Journal publishing peer-reviewed research papers and review articles dealing with the modelling and simulation of buildings including their systems. The selection of the best papers was based on the nominations of the Editorial Board Members and the dedicated evaluation committee. 

Rui said: 

I am delighted to have obtained this award in the Journal of Building Simulation. It is demonstrated that our work is useful for others to build their work to collectively move this field forward. This also reflects the importance of building energy efficiency has been well-acknowledged by the research community facing the increasingly intensive challenges of the energy crisis and global climate change. This award will inspire me to continue my research dedicated to advancing building technologies via interdisciplinary collaboration at the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE) and beyond.