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Our research is original, influential and relevant to the biggest practical and scientific challenges facing industry, policymakers and academia.

Diagram showing the overlaps and interconnections between our Institute's research themes; Light & Lighting; Acoustics & Soundscapes; Systems thinking; Energy, Moisture & Air Quality with Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability in the middle

Our ultimate goal is to deliver inter- & transdisciplinary built environment research to improve health, wellbeing and sustainability. Systems thinking is used to understand how different elements of buildings and the wider built environment interact. Our mission is to inform and support decision making to enable transformative change as cities and governments seek to meet climate change mitigation and adaption targets. Our research fits into the wider context of clean energy and net zero carbon. We work both locally and internationally to help cities achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our core value underpins the notion of equitable and inclusive spaces where people can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

We have received three successive EPSRC Platform Grants, while in the last national Research Assessment Exercise our Faculty, The Bartlett, was awarded the most of 4* (world-leading) project ratings among architecture and built environment submissions from UK universities.


health wellbeing and workplace
Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability

This research theme supports human health and wellbeing by investigating relationships between people, spaces, buildings, and the natural environment.

UKCMB Moisture
Energy, Moisture & Air Quality

Aiming to improve the design, operation and environmental quality of buildings to address complex and sometimes ill-defined and conflicting design issues.

MSc Light and Lighting
Light & Lighting

Studying a range of lighting applications from daylight in buildings to roads at night - discovering all there is to know about how people interact with the lit environment.

Acoustics Soundscape
Acoustics & Soundscapes

This research theme is about how sound propagrates in urban areas, in buildings, and in rooms; how sound can be controlled, designed, and engineered and how people interact with sound.

People in park in Singapore
Systems Thinking

The Systems Thinking approach tackles grand challenges in an integrated way, focusing on non-linear and long-term effects, complex evolving dynamics, and the factual realities of living in an uncertain world.


We employ four main types of research method across all our projects and themes:


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