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To build a better, more sustainable future the world urgently needs sustainability experts transform business, industry and policy in all sectors. We train future sustainability leaders across Energy, Sustainable Resources, Environmental Design and Engineering and Sustainable Heritage with the skills and knowledge to drive necessary change.

Are you ready to become a future sustainability leader?

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources is home to four UCL Institutes with a mission to create sustainable solutions for our built environment, resources and heritage. Our students learn the interdisciplinary skills needed to shape the sustainability agenda across industry, policy and academia in their field.

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Study Energy

Do you want to join a class of future energy innovators? Energy security and climate change have never been such a pressing global issues as they are today. From data analytics and smart energy to environmental economics and policy, our Master’s degrees equip graduates with the tools needed to succeed in a career in energy industry, academia or policy, transforming the way our energy is generated, supplied and used.

Eight months in I can say that I’m happy with the experience and knowledge I have gained from the programme, the highlights of my learning journey here is the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. For our lectures and seminars we have accomplished academics and professionals from the industry, from government and the opportunity to discuss with them for me is priceless.” 

Christine Elizabeth, Recent Economics and Policy of Energy and the Envrionment Graduate


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Study Sustainable Resources

To meet net-zero targets, reduce waste and combat pollution wholesale change is needed in the way we consume natural resources. For such a change to happen, policy-makers, business and communities around the world need to be engaged. From circular economy and resource efficiency to planetary economics and environmental law, we train future sustainability leaders with the knowledge and tools to drive this change.

The benefits of having a specialised MSc from a world-class university has given me a competitive edge when applying for jobs related to my area of expertise. My degree, combined with a few years of work experience, has given me the credentials needed to successfully apply for intermediate-level jobs rather than starting in an entry-level position.” Shaun James Micallef, EPEE MSc Graduate, Senior Economist- Cambridge Econometrics

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Study Environmental Design and Engineering

Are you interested in making our buildings, towns and cities better places to live in? Do you want to help make them more sustainable, healthier, more efficient and productive? Out Master's degrees can take you there.

Our Environmental Design and Engineering teaching and research pursues a deeper understanding of the interactions between the built environment and health, human wellbeing, productivity, energy use and climate change. We deliver interdisciplinary built environment research to improve health, wellbeing and sustainability. Our specialist expertise in temperature, moisture and air quality, light and lighting, and acoustics and soundscapes is underpinned by systems thinking to understand how different elements interact to create buildings and spaces where people can live healthy, fulfilling lives.

The Environmental Design and Engineering course supports students to move onto a variety of career paths backed by sound technical knowledge. In my case, it was a crucial career moment, which enabled my transition from architecture into environmental design and engineering." Ricardo Moreira, Environmental Design and Engineering graduate, XCO2 Energy

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Study Sustainable Heritage

Everybody has a stake in cultural heritage. Our Sustainable Heritage work delivers sustainable solutions to real-world cultural heritage problems through ground-breaking, cross-disciplinary research and innovative teaching for future heritage leaders. 

We have developed three routes for the Built Environment: Sustainable Heritage MSc, matching the needs of the heritage sector and training a new generation of heritage practitioners with specialist expertise in Heritage Science, Heritage Management and Data Science. 

Embarking on a mid-life career change from publishing to heritage was a daunting prospect, but from the moment I met the UCL Sustainable Heritage course tutors and my fellow students I knew I’d done the right thing! The course stretched me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated." - Tessa Harvey, Sustainable Heritage Graduate, Heritage Consultant

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