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Meet the Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources Academic and Industry team

Who will be teaching you from September? Find out more about the team of academics and industry partners who will be teaching your modules and find out what they are most looking forward to next year.


Photo of Nahid Mohajeri


Dr Nahid Mohajeri
Lecturer in Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources

To make our cities energy-efficient, healthy, environmentally sustainable, and climate-resilient, Nahid’s research explores solutions through innovation driven by data and modelling. In the first year of Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources BSc and MEng, Nahid will be teaching Mathematics and Statistics Foundations for Sustainability.

The aim of my module is for you to develop an understanding of a broad range of the mathematical/statistical techniques and concepts in the context of sustainability. It is hoped that at the end of the term you will be able to use the skills you have learned to solve practical environmental, engineering and socio-economic problems related to sustainability, and be able to communicate results with non-specialist audiences.

Photo of Ricci Yue


Dr Ricci Yue
Lecturer in Sustainable Resource Policy

Trained as a quantitative geographer, Ricci's research endeavours to shed light on the far-reaching consequences of climate change on fisheries and infectious diseases. In the first year of Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources BSc and MEng, Ricci will be teaching Environmental and Resource Economics and Sustainable Policy: Principles and Practice.

I am excited about my two modules next year, where we will explore the world of sustainability from economic and social science perspectives. We will delve into fundamental concepts in environmental economic and sustainable policy with the illustration of real-world examples. The knowledge and critical thinking skills developed in these modules will equip students with tools to make informed decisions and contribute meaningfully to build a more sustainable future.

Photo of Arore Julien


Dr Aurore Julien
Associate Professor (Teaching)

In the first year of Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources BSc and MEng, Aurore will be leading Sustainable Cities Challenges: Resources and Systems.

I have about 20 years experience in industry as a sustainability consultant and I worked on a range of building and masterplan projects in the UK and internationally. My specialisms and academic interests relate to sustainable building design, building energy use and supply, environmental masterplanning and sustainable events.”

Photo of Francesco Aletta


Dr Francesco Aletta
Lecturer (Teaching) in Building Physics and Soundscapes

Francesco’s research informs his teaching by providing expertise on optimizing building efficiency and occupant comfort through the study of physical principles, energy use prediction, and environmental performance, while considering aspects that impact the overall building environment, such as acoustics and lighting. In the first year of Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources BSc and MEng, Francesco will be teaching Energy and Environmental Systems Fundamentals.

Photo of Yair Schwartz


Dr Yair Schwartz
Lecturer in Engineering and Architectural Design

Yair is a trained architect and expert in building life cycle analysis, embodied carbon and the life cycle performance of refurbishments vs replacements. In the first year of Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources BSc and MEng, Yair will be leading the Sustainable Buildings Challenge: Whole Life Performance.

In recent years, the construction industry has been facing a difficult challenge: The environmental performance of the build environment is gaining more and more attention, however, the industry is still slow to respond. Although Life Cycle Analysis offers a comprehensive approach to assessing the performance of the built environment, its application is still in the developmental stage. As educators and students, we now have an exceptional opportunity to not only learn about the challenges our discipline is facing, but also to use and even develop cutting-edge, novel and unique technologies solutions that could revolutionise the way we shape and build our world.”

Photo of Craig Robertson

Dr Craig Robertson
Head of Sustainability, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM)

Craig is an architect, researcher and teacher with expertise in environmental design and engineering, and is responsible for AHMM’s sustainability agenda. As chair of the Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources BSc and MEng Industry Advisory Board, Craig has a pivotal role in informing our engagement with industry, and ensuring the relevance of the programme to effectively meet the trends in expectations placed on graduates. In the first year of Sustainable Built Environments, Energy and Resources BSc and MEng, Craig will also be contributing to the Sustainable Buildings Challenges: Whole Life Performance.

The climate crisis demands that we organise our industry a new way for a sustainable future. The siloed thinking of the twentieth century; when architects dealt with space and aesthetics and engineers thought about energy and systems is not good enough for today. We need to think collaboratively, architects need to be more energy literate and engineers need to think more iteratively as designers. Building performance must address broader sustainability and encompass social, economic and ecological aspects. This MEng delivers just that, a new breed of professionals who bring together the expertise to think about buildings as systems, where architecture and engineering are combined into a sustainable whole. Each aspect reliant on and influenced by the other, driven by the very low carbon budgets compatible with a sustainable future and consistent with climate justice, planetary resource limitations and a viable economic model. Graduates of this course are the future of our industry!"