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BSEER Green Champions win third consecutive gold award for sustainability

11 July 2022

The BSEER Green Team led by Emily Jennings and Velvet Young were again awarded the top-level prize at UCL Sustainability Awards 2022.

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Emily Jennings, Centre Manager of ERBE CDT, and Velvet Young, Communications Officer, won the Gold Award for the third year running at a virtual awards ceremony following their completion of Sustainable UCL’s Green Impact scheme.

The team received the award recognising ongoing commitment to improving the department’s environmental impact. The team’s most recent undertakings have been piloting policies to encourage sustainable modes of travel for staff, as well as organising activities to promote sustainability and community within the department.

This year the awards marked 10 years of the Green Impact scheme at UCL, with Richard Jackson, Director of Sustainable UCL and UCL President and Provost Dr Michael Spence recognising students, staff and researchers who have been making change possible at UCL and beyond.

Leanne Case, UCL Alumna and award-winning business strategist advancing environmental and social challenges and supporting gender equity in investment, also gave an inspiring talk ecnouraging critical engagement with sustainability, while also expressing confidence that the UCL community can take meaningful climate action.