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Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW)


1 February 2018


‘Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality (KNOW)’ seeks to deliver transformative research and capacity for innovation in policy and planning that will promote and strengthen pathways to urban equality.

Led by professor Caren Levy (DPU,UCL), KNOW is a global consortium of researchers and partners across 13 institutions focusing on nine cities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

KNOW is funded by the ESRC under the Global Challenges Research Fund over four years.

KNOW focuses on three development challenges:

  1. To reduce extreme poverty

  2. To build resilience

  3. To develop prosperity

These development challenges stem from the overarching programme challenge which positions KNOW as a response to growing inequality in cities.

Today, with over half of the world's populations living in urban areas, improving living conditions in every county depends on humanity's capacity to address urban challenges. Growing inequality directly impacts the ability of cities to deliver prosperity and resilience for all their citizens, as highlighted in both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN-Habitat New Urban Agenda.

To respond to this challenge, KNOW will shape pathways to urban equality through partnerships of equivalence, and co-producing knowledge in action through three core objectives:

KNOW Objectives and Outputs

  1. Transformative Research for Urban Equity:
    To co-produce knowledge to activate transformations towards urban equality

  2. Building Research Capacity:
    To build and strengthen research capacity in selected DAC countries and the UK through partnerships of equivalence

  3. Developing Urban Learning Hubs
    To jointly build responsive, co-created learning hubs in target counties to shape relevant knowledge

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KNOW Partners:


know partners

The KNOW consortium is made up of researchers based at UCL, University of Sheffield, University of Durham, University of Melbourne, IIHS (Indian Institute of Human Settlements), Ardhi University and FLACSO (Latin-American Social Sciences Institute).

KNOW will work with local academic and community-based partners in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Tanzania in Africa; in Cuba, Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia in Latin America; and in India and Sri Lanka in South Asia.


The KNOW team is divided into three working groups:

  • A primary management group led by Professor Caren Levy, a project manager and communications officer,  to manage and deliver KNOW over its four years
  • Our KNOW investigators made up of co-investigators, research fellows, and partners across the six core work packages
  • A dedicated International Advisory Board to provide ongoing strategic guidance and support

For full team and partner details, please visit: urban-know.com

KNOW Work Packages

KNOW is structured through six intersecting Work Packages that cross the KNOW cities and challenges to build transformative research, develop urban learning hubs, and deliver transformative research:


Work Packages 1-2 will co-produce city-based knowledge and capacity related to urban equality in 9 DAC countries, and undertake comparative inquiry to strengthen knowledge to track SDGs and the UNI Habitat NUA.


Work Package 1- City Knowledge Co Production

Work Package 2 - Comparative Inquiry for Urban Equality


Work Packages 3-6 will build on the situated research of Work Packages 1 and 2, to strengthen impact on ODA research, urban policy and planning, and urban planning education in KNOW partner countries and the UK.


Work Package 3 - Ethics of Research Practice

Work Package 4 - Translating Research into Practice

Work Package 5- Multiplying Translocal Learning in Higher Education

Work Package 6 - UK ODA Research Capacity for Urban Equality


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