The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Jairo Molina

Advisor to Member of the European Parliament Javi López. Specialised in the functioning of political organizations at European level and Migration policy. 

Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Collegium Civitas Warsaw and MSc in Development and Administration Planning at University College London (UCL).

I count with a wide experience as project manager and logistics officer for numerous international organizations such as the Party of European Socialists (PES), Young European Socialists (YES) or Community of Democracies (CoD). I worked as an adviser on Migration policy and as a member of the campaign team for the European elections for the PES Spitzenkandidat, Frans Timmermans.

My time at UCL was crucial in learning to analyze, contextualize, and situate narratives, policies, and practices. Something that has been especially useful at the level of political communication and counter-discourse during the European election campaign on very polarizing issues in public opinion such as Migration. On this, I had the pleasure of participating in the DPU Summerlab 2019 in Athens where I had the opportunity to learn about the implementation of European policies on the ground. DPU continues to offer opportunities to keep learning even after I finish my master's studies.

Currently as an advisor to an MEP, another of the great lessons learned during my studies at DPU has been the importance of reflecting on my positionality, on who is a stakeholder and the beneficiary of a policy. But most importantly, think about how to open the legislative process so that it is the most empowering, transparent and participatory for our citizens.

My time at DAP not only contributed to improving my critical and analytical skills that I have later applied to many other aspects of my life, but it also helped me to build a solid foundation to support and justify my work as a political advisor.