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Alumni career stories - DPU launch new video series

24 February 2021

The new series, ‘DPU Alumni Career stories’, shares reflections from alumni across each of our seven MSc programmes, highlighting how study at the DPU helped shape career trajectories.

DPU alumni careers

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future and how DPU will help you to prepare for it. Watch how our alumni have made the most of our teaching and critical thinking to advance their future. In a brand-new set of short clips, alumni from each of our MSc programmes share valuable first-hand experiences of studying at DPU, finding one own’s path and plenty of advice to help current students and prospective ones to get ahead.

DPU attracts students from all across the world. Our alumni go on to professions including planning, design, education and research, curating, governance and policymaking and NGOs. Their transdisciplinary background allows for adapting to a variety of different trajectories and shifting job markets.

The DPU organise several alumni initiatives and career sessions, check out our DPU Careers webpage and read more stories about our growing alumni network.

The DPU Alumni Career stories playlist can also be found on our YouTube channel


What our alumni say

"Throughout my work… I often refer to colleagues and professors I met at the DPU, but also the readings and the resources, the whole body of knowledge I gained from there"
Sawsan Abou Zainedin

“DPU helped me really appreciate the importance of action research, the power of community voice and participation, and engrained the important values of alignment and collaboration between communities, local councils and independent charitable efforts.”
Nidhi Mittal

“The DPU helped me in recentring communities and thinking socially about urban practice”
Akil Scafe-Smith

“It made me believe that no matter where we come from we are more alike than we are different, which then influenced me to think that I need to be fussier about the types of problems I want to solve”.
Kavita Shah

“The DPU gave me this lens to look at the city and at the way urban development happens. It was a lens of social justice to urban development. I found that incredibly empowering and useful to understand how different communities, different stakeholders can influence urban development”
Yiorgos Papamanousakis