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DPU launch blog and webinar series, 'Post COVID-19 Urban Futures'

27 March 2020

COVID-19 is a massive game changer in all spheres of life: Are we ready to imagine a better post COVID world? The Post COVID-19 Urban Futures series will feature written blogs, webinar events and video outputs reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on cities.

Post COVID-19 Urban Futures

The blog and webinar posts will be compiled on the dedicated series page, Post COVID-19 Urban Futures.

Webinar series

We are excited to launch a series of 60min webinar sessions to imagine the future from the perspective of key issues such as food, gender, housing, mobility, etc, in light of this world-changing pandemic. These will be an opportunity for academics, students, professionals and the general public to reflect on what the world might look like and what we can do to share its direction towards a more just outcome.

The webinars will be promoted as events, and will be listed in the events section of our website, found here (link). Each webinar will be followed by a video recording. These will be compiled in the Post COVID-19 Urban Futures page.

Blog series

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the world in unprecedented ways. Beyond the immediate threat the virus poses to human well-being, we also face the reality that decisions being made today will have complex long-term social, economic and political effects. On top of this, our normal patterns of daily communication have been disrupted – making it harder to exchange ideas and discuss the implications of these important shifts.

In light of this, the DPU are launching a new blog series as part of Post COVID-19 Urban Futures. This aims to be a space where DPU staff and students can reflect on the implications of the crisis for cities. We hope to promote an inclusive and dynamic conversation that can help us all make better sense of the changes taking place around us.

The first blog by Dr Alexandra Panman titled 'Urban economics in the time of Covid-19: What happens when the thing that makes cities great also makes them dangerous?' is out now.

Posts will be posted on our DPU Blog found here (link), and will also be curated on the Post COVID-19 Urban Futures page.