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DPU launch new MSc programme in Health in Urban Development

13 September 2018

The DPU is happy to announce the opening of a new MSc programme (from September 2019): MSc Health in Urban Development

MSc Health in Urban Development

This new MSc programme in Health in Urban Development (HUD) offers an additional layer to the DPU expertise. It will provide participants interdisciplinary, theoretical and practical knowledge on the interrelationships between formal and informal urban contexts, health disparities, social justice and development planning in general and in the Global South in particular.

Similar to our other MSc programmes, HUD will provide participants with the necessary academic and professional skills to be involved in the field of urban health. Our approach is that there is a link between development planning and health to be found in urban governance (institutions), in the physical (land, infrastructure) and the social (community) environments.

The programme aims to cultivate socially-sensitive urban health practitioners who can promote responses to the challenges of urban inequality, informality and environmental risks.

The programme will be led by Prof. Haim Yacobi (Professor of Development Planning) with the support of Dr Donald Brown.

We aim to cultivate socially sensitive urban practitioners who can promote human-centric responses to challenges like inequality and environmental degradation. The programme is suitable for graduates and professionals who want to engage with contemporary urban health issues while acquiring the practical skills needed to deliver positive urban change within a social justice framework. The programme is interdisciplinary and will attract students from a wide variety of disciplines including architecture, planning, health studies, social science (geography, anthropology and alike), development studies. 

The MSc programme page is now live, and can be viewed here (link).