The Bartlett Development Planning Unit



The Development Planning Unit (DPU) offers seven Master's programmes that can be taken either full or part-time over one to five years, all leading to an MSc.

From economy, politics and social issues to urban design, health and management, the programmes are for people interested in the development of a more socially just world.

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MSc Building and Urban Design in Development

Combining cultural, social, economic, political and spatial analysis in the effort to present a holistic response to the growing complexities within the design and production of urban form.


MSc Development Administration and Planning

Theoretical and empirical examination of how policy, programme and community-level interventions can be employed to promote social justice and address key development challenges.


MSc Environment and Sustainable Development

Theoretical and practical understanding of socio-environmental change, equipping students with the skills and abilities to promote environmental justice in the context of the Global South.


MSc Health in Urban Development

Producing theoretical and practical knowledge on the interrelationships between formal and informal urban contexts, health disparities, social justice and development planning in the Global South. 


MSc Social Development Practice

A critical approach to ‘people-centred’ development, addressing the challenges for promoting well-being and equitable citizenship in the context of social diversity and globalisation.


MSc Urban Development Planning

Expanding the room for manoeuvre for socially and spatially just urban development planning - confronting contemporary challenges in cities and urban areas in the Global South.

busy market street scene in Delhi, India

MSc Urban Economic Development

Developing knowledge and critical thinking about the challenges of achieving equitable, prosperous and sustainable cities, and putting knowledge into practice by engaging in field work in London and a city of the Global South.