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DPU PhD Candidate awarded UCL Overseas Research Scholarship

6 October 2017

Ricardo Mexico news

Congratulations to DPU Research Fellow and PhD candidate, Ricardo Marten who has been awarded the Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) from UCL. The ORS covers the difference between overseas and UK/EU student tuition fees for the remainder of the research programme’s course.

Ricardo’s research looks at the legacies of violence and conflict in urban environments, particularly focusing on the territories along the US-Mexico border. Set in the context of the recent War on Drugs, the consolidation of criminal organisations, and the frequently problematic role of official actors, the work tries to identify the complex layering of violence and the ways it becomes codified into space.

With recently conducted fieldwork in the border city of Ciudad Juarez and its adjacent valley, Ricardo is aiming to intersect statistical and geographical data with ethnographic and mapping analysis.