The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Ricardo Marten Caceres

Nationality: Costa Rica

Year: 2015

Ricardo is an architect and urban designer, graduated from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR) and with an MSc degree from the DPU’s own BUDD program in 2010. He has worked as an architect in between studies, leading a studio practice in Costa Rica focused on residential projects, as well as being partner in a design practice based in Germany working with several NGOs, with completed design and development projects in Haiti, the Philippines and Tanzania.

His academic interests lie in the urban dynamics between informal settlements and territorial variables, as well as the role of urban design as a theoretical complement to the production of space. Ricardo's current PhD candidacy looks to examine these elements, particularly focusing on the urban legacy of official spaces of exception and the resulting informal counter-narratives. His region of interest is Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.