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Coping with the urban impacts of COVID-19 and imagining the aftermath

21 April 2020, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Post COVID-19 Urban Futures webinar series - No. 2 Catalina Ortiz and Giovanna Astolfo

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Dr Catalina Ortiz


Zoom Webinar Link: https://zoom.us/j/504304117

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Coping with the urban impacts of COVID-19 and imagining the aftermath 

Navigating through the different realities that have emerged from the new global pandemic is a complex task. We are at a time where the world faces collective pressures on a large scale of globalization and dispersion. Meanwhile, there has been a spate of terminology circulating our headlines and newsfeeds that are ambiguous and, very likely, alienating. 

If our experience as diverse urban practitioners in the digital age has taught us anything, it is the impact of social solidarity, support, and transformative communication in moments of difficulty. Now more than ever, our diaspora needs to be imaginative, compassionate, and flexible. What if we let go of notions of ‘social distancing’, and instead practiced ‘physical distancing with social proximity?’

As part of the DPU Post COVID-19 Urban Futures series, we invite you to join our discussion on the diaspora of urban designers: coping with the urban impacts of COVID-19 and imagining the aftermath? We will explore topics of selfcare, solidarity and collective imagination. We also aim to draft a collective manifesto about the care of the diaspora. 


  1. Sarah Bissett Scott
    Anglia Ruskin University, UK
  2. Belen Desmaison
    Pontificia Universidad Católica Del Perú
  3. Ramiro Levy & Gabriella Callejas
    Cidade Ativa
  4. Martine Rivera Alzate
    Concejal de Bogotá
  5. Shoko Sakuma
    Women for the World, Myanmar
  6. Panagiotis Tzannetakis
    Social Innovation & Networking
  7. Nada Elfeituri
    Research & Urban Design
  8. Armando Caroca & Amani Shaban 
    Think-Fast: A Collective Urban Response to COVID-19
  9. Gynna Millan
    Solidarity for Synergies

About the COVID-19 Urban Futures series

COVID-19 is a massive game changer in all spheres of life: Are we ready to imagine a better post COVID world? The Post COVID-19 Urban Futures series will feature written blogs, webinar events and video outputs reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on cities.

The series of 60min webinars to imagine the future in light of this world-changing pandemic. This is an opportunity for academics, students, professionals and the general public to reflect on what the world might look like and what we can do to share its direction towards a more just outcome.