The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Nafiseh Darvish

Mining, multinational corporations and regional development: enclave formation through the asymmetrical bargaining power.

School Research Theme: Construction & Project management 
Research supervisors: Prof Andrew Davies; Prof Hedley Smyth 
Start date: August 2017

Many megaprojects fail to achieve their objectives due to weakness in conventional way of managing the complex large projects associated with continues uncertainty. Delay is one of the recurring problems in megaprojects. Prevailing research assumes that unlike traditional linier approach of cause and effect to deal with delays, megaprojects should follow a capability building approach over complex and uncertain nature of projects. The findings of the research will help to bridge the gap between the casual approach of addressing the project failure and the realistic capability one, combining it with urgency in megaprojects to best answer the time overruns in mega gas refineries.

The literature on megaproject management is limited to identify and study time delays caused by owners, planners/designers, contractors, financial related problems or bad luck. This research aims to investigate the practical gas megaprojects capability issues such as dynamic capabilities and systems integration capabilities, placing urgency at the core of the study. The main purpose of this research will be to develop a new framework of capability building in managing the state-owned gas megaprojects through an empirical study to overcome the scheduled delays.

This study is an explanatory research, aimed at applying qualitative content analysis using a case study design which combines both qualitative and quantitative research methods to best answer the research questions. A choice of mixed methods and the triangulation are offered for data collection for different elements of the research question. The mixed-methods study proceeded by a pilot study, and is followed by interviews with clients, general contractors, subcontractors, and service delivery partners.

Publication and other work