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Studying resource exchange through actor interactions in the smart city service ecosystem

Information and resources for research participants.

Smart cities research
Studying resource exchange through actor interactions in the smart city service ecosystem, using the service dominant logic

Project leads: Angeliki Maria Toli (PhD candidate), Professor Hedley Smyth, Dr Niamh Murtagh

Research summary

Even though smart cities have gained extensive popularity in past years, there is little research on how organisations involved in smart cities can be managed.  

This research focuses on identifying how resources are exchanged between organisations and how these resources can be efficiently managed. 

We seek to identify how organisations like yours interact with other organisations and what type of resources you exchange between each other.

These resources can be raw materials, technology, knowledge, data, connections or monetary. 

Identifying these will allow us to understand how your interactions with other organisations leads to the creation of value and will contribute to the optimisation and efficient management of cities and their resources.

Who can participate?

Senior members of organisations related to the smart city agenda. For this study, we will interview members of organisations that fall under the following actor groups: university, government and industry. 

How can I participate?

We would like you to participate in a one-hour interview at your convenience. During this interview we will discuss your organisation, your business model or main goal and how you interact with other organisations.  

What are the benefits of participating? 

Your participation will contribute to fostering a better understanding of how organisations involved in the smart city agenda interact with each other. At the end of the study you can choose whether you would like to receive an executive summary of the outcomes of this research, available exclusively to participants.

All data will be anonymised and kept in confidentiality, there will be no direct link between you and your statements.

For more information or to participate in this research please contact Angeliki Toli: angeliki.toli.15@ucl.ac.uk

This research has been approved by the UCL Ethics committee (Research Ethics Approval ID 14741/001) and is compliant with GDPR legislation.