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Careers and Alumni

Careers and Alumni

Careers and Alumni

This programme provides students with the skills and knowledge base to embark on a professional or academic path through the highly interdisciplinary field of urban spatial science and the wider urban planning and policy fields (see the summary programme description and learning outcomes for specific skills). 

Since its original inception in 2013, graduates have gone on to pursue a wide variety of careers in local government, urban planning, software development and academic research. This is indicative of the breadth of knowledge and opportunities afforded by our programme. 

Students have access to termly University and departmental career events, that latter of which involve our active alumni network.

*As defined in the UCL Academic Manual:
Pathway: A Pathway is an informal specialism within a Programme or Route which guides students towards a particular area but which does not lead to a discrete Field of Study. A Pathway is typically defined by the different Option and Elective Modules available within the Programme but this Pathway is not recorded separately in the Student Record System and does not appear on the student’s degree certificate or transcript.


MSc Smart Cities & Urban Analytics (equivalent to the MSc Urban Spatial Science commencing 2022)

"This MSc programme undoubtedly enabled me to think critically about the processes by which the Smart City promise is interpreted and shaped both in the short and long term".
Kirsten Zeller 2016-2017

"The best extra-gain of studying in the most prestigious U.K. department for Urban Analytics research, is the network of relationships built during this year."
Camilla Desideri, 2015-2016

MRes Spatial Data Science & Visualisation (equivalent to the MRes Urban Spatial Science commencing 2022)

"The programme taught me how to make connections across disciplines in order to discover new methods for solving spatial problems."
Heidi Mok, 2014-2015

"The year I spent in CASA was one of the most intense and productive ones I have spent learning, practising and building new, interesting ideas around analysing and visualising built environment."
Balamurugan Soundararaj, 2012-2013

"I found UCL and particularly CASA to be a really innovative and inspiring place to study, learning new techniques in social and spatial data analysis and visualisation techniques and working closely with a host of experts in the sector."
Nicola Clark, 2011-2013

"The culture of experimentation & novel ideas at CASA was a great foundation for the work I do now"
Jack Harrison, 2011-2012