The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis


Heidi Mok, 2014-2015

My experience at CASA was a deep dive into the shared worlds of spatial analysis, GIS, visualisation, programming, statistics, models, and systems thinking. It was challenging but also tremendously rewarding to learn from such a diverse group of lecturers and fellow students. The program taught me how to make connections across disciplines in order to discover new methods for solving spatial problems. Since completing my masters, I travelled to 11 countries and made it a point to map out my itinerary along the way. Now I’m working as a service designer in Toronto. In my role, I often encounter projects where I’ll need to communicate complex information through visualisation. Building on the skills I learned at CASA, I’m able to explore new programmatic ways of visualising data using Processing.
I now have an expanded toolkit of knowledge, resources, and techniques that will help me tackle a wider range of projects, wherever my career takes me! I’d recommend this course to any curious person out there who is interested in gaining a breadth of knowledge in the worlds mentioned above, while also wanting to pursue a research topic that you can really sink your teeth into.