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The Bartlett Fifteen Show 2019 Prize Winners

14 December 2019

This year’s student prize winners of The Bartlett Fifteen Show have been announced.

Sounds and Sweet Airs by Kornbongkoch Harnpinijsak, Nong Hua Lim and Weichen Tang

The Bartlett Fifteen Show opened its doors to the public on 04 December 2019, for a ten-day exhibition displaying student work from three of our innovative Master’s programmes: 

This year, one student from each programme was awarded a prize for their final project. 

Design for Manufacture MArch

Bedir Bekar, Skating the Ribbon

Through the form of skateboarding, Bedir’s project focuses on the lamination strategies employed in the manufacture of glued-laminated or ‘engineered’ timber, challenging the predominantly subtractive approach in manufacturing free-form and structurally optimised members. It investigates the dialogue of ‘feel’ and the performance of timber structures through using cold-bent and steam-bent timber to allow the rider to gain leverage for additional speed and launching height. 

Design for Performance & Interaction MArch

Nong Hua Lim, Sounds and Sweet Airs

Sounds and Sweet Airs is an immersive synthetic sound ecology, featuring several mechanical creatures that each generate sounds from everyday recycled materials. Each creature has unique characteristics and is sensitive to different elements of the physical environment including temperature, humidity, light, sound and human movement. When distributed in a built environment, the creatures create an evolving soundscape that reflects the state of the space, forming a nature-like sound atmosphere that is gradually disappearing in our increasingly urbanised environments. 

Situated Practice MA

Valeria Muteri, Il Balcone

Set in Castelvetrano, in southwest Sicily, Il Balcone reflects on what it means to be a ‘dissident' in a Sicilian society dominated by mafia mentality. Valeria draws on the spatial politics of the private-public balcony as the basis for four acts of dissidence, each one encouraging the audience to reflect on how individuals can take a stand. By reframing site, foregrounding the voice in public, showing resolve in grief, and intervening in an existing narrative, this project implores the audience to speak out for collective change. 

Congratulations to Bedir, Nong and Valeria for their achievements.

Lead image: Sounds and Sweet Airs, by Kornbongkoch Harnpinijsak, Nong Hua Lim and Weichen Tang.