The Bartlett



Sustainability and energy efficiency inform everything we do as a university faculty: our teaching, our research, our consultancy and all the advice we issue to government and the public.


You’ll find our commitment to sustainability also runs through everything we do as an occupier of several buildings in Central and East London. Here are some of the ways we’re putting theory into practice in our own buildings.

Green Impact at The Bartlett

To promote environmental awareness within The Bartlett and minimise the faculty’s environmental impact, we have several Green Champions across the faculty leading a network of staff and students who work together to review practices, develop policies, promote best practice, and stage events and competitions.

If you’re a student or member of staff, you can join and help make a difference. 

You can contact The Bartlett Green Champions below. If there is not currently a Green Champion in your department, you can express your interest to bartlett.comms@ucl.ac.uk to get involved in or lead Green Impact projects.

The Bartlett Faculty Office
Leda Parker, Faculty Operations Officer – Sustainabilityl.parker@ucl.ac.uk
Jennifer Griffin-Walters, Safety and Facilities Officerj.griffin-walters@ucl.ac.uk
The Bartlett School of Planning

Naomi Jones 

The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction

Anita Treso

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Diana Salazar 

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

Emily Jennings

Visit the UCL Sustainability website for more information on central policies and practices at UCL.

The Bartlett Estate Review

As advisors to government and industry on reducing building-related carbon emissions, as well as occupiers of a diverse collection of properties, from Georgian townhouses to 1960s office buildings, we have a responsibility to improve the sustainability of our own real estate.

With that in mind, we are acting on the key findings and recommendations of a survey made in late 2011 of the faculty’s sustainability performance. These included the need to introduce a sustainability management plan, adopt monitoring procedures, make improvements to buildings and raise awareness of better practice.