Green UCL



Introduction to Sustainability elearning course

This short elearning course gives an introduction to what sustainability means for you, UCL and the wider world.

Discover key actions that you can take to improve your environmental impact, including how to recycle, save energy and travel more sustainably, as well as next steps you could take to become a Green Champion, take part in Green Impact or build sustainability into your research.

Please note: this course forms a mandatory part of all new UCL staff inductions. It contains some audio, so you'll need speakers or headphones to hear this. Some old or out-of-date web browsers may not be able to display the course. In this case, please download a modern web browser and try again. Approximate course length: 15 minutes.

Green UCL provides every student with a sustainability induction during UCL's Welcome Week via a face-to-face induction or the e-learning course as desired by the departmental administrators. To arrange please email Hannah Biggs at hannah.biggs@ucl.ac.uk.