Famous - and not so famous - Danes

Did you know that...

Queen Anne (1665-1714) was married to a Dane. George of Denmark (1653-1708) was really called Jørgen, but the English probably couldn't pronounce it, so he became George. Poor George is not one of Denmark's proudest exports. He was rather dim. Charles II said about him: "I have tried him drunk and tried him sober and there is nothing in him."

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) was Danish? Amongst his most famous fairy tales are The Little Mermaid (in Danish: Den Lille Havfrue) and The Ugly Duckling (in Danish Den Grimme Ælling). Andersen was a gifted story teller but a strange man. He was terrified of dying, and everywhere he travelled he would bring a rope, so he could escape out of the window in case of fire.

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