UCL Astrophysics Group



UCL Observatory is based in Mill Hill approx. 30 minutes from campus and hosts our astronomy teaching and many astronomy-related public engagement opportunities

There are five installed telescopes onsite and schools visit in the day to safely look at the Sun through a solar scope. We are now taking our tours online so that we can reach public and schools that cannot physically reach us.  We are always keen to recruit new tour guides who receive training and pay for their time. For more information contact mark.fuller@ucl.ac.uk. Find more information about the observatory here.


Over the past two years we have run a summer school focused on astrophysics, space and related topics. Over five days, physics A-level pupils get to hear about a range of different Astrophysics subjects and people from computational to experimental backgrounds. Funding is provided by Widening Participation for PhD’s and UG’s to develop and deliver content. Talk to us to get involved!